You want to know the secret to getting rid of lice?  You need a product that actually works, and you need time, 10 days to be specific.  Why? Because 10 days is the length of time lice eggs can take to incubate.  Our Buggin Out Oil is 99% effective at killing live lice.  By applying Buggin Out Oil to the hair on the day it arrives, and then again 5 days later, and then again 5 days after that, and you will successfully end a lice infestation.  And best of all, Buggin Out Oil Treatment is 100% dimethicone oil and pesticide-free!

2oz bottle of Buggin Out Oil will only treat one person on day one and will require 2 additional 2oz bottles of Buggin Out Oil to treat on day 5 and day 10. *we use about 2 – 2.4 ounces of oil per treatment*